Out of the Woods Christmas Store in Indian River

Nestled between Burt Lake and Mullett Lake in the small northern Michigan town of Indian River is a special new Christmas Store, Out of the Woods.  

While the store many high-end, handmade craft items, there are a variety of items available at all price points.  (I saw adorable ornaments for $3.00)  

Staffed by Stu Merchant, best knows as the bartender extraordinaire at Vivio's Restaurant, many items are derived from the work of Beverly Paisley.  For a number of years, Mrs. Paisley opened her Mullett Lake home (if you want a great house, call me:  3063 Red Pine Point Drive)  to customers looking for high quality Christmas decorations. 


This shared venture between Stu and Bev provides greater access to the tasteful products.Stop into Out of the Woods located 1 building north of my Coldwell Banker Schmidt Real Estate office on S. Straits Hwy, Indian River, just off I-75, Exit 310.

Check them out at Facebook Page: Out of the Woods Christmas Store

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