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Welcome to Rockford! Good for strolling, great for shopping. Our little town of Rockford, just a few minutes north of Grand Rapids, has everything you could possibly need, and then some. :)

The photo above is from our Rockford Ninja Warrior competition. The event's grown so large, we've had to move it to a HUGE arena!


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The Rockford area was first visited and inhabited by Native American cultures, such as the Hopewell, Mascouten, and Ottawa peoples. There have not been archeological finds of Native American settlements in the Rogue River valley, but their trails branched through the area and were noted by early surveyors.

The first important settler of what would become the city of Rockford was Smith Lapham, who had come to Kent County in 1843 after living in Washtenaw County for 18 years. Smith Lapham came to the banks of the Rogue to assist in the completion of a dam and sawmill begun by a William Hunter. Hunter gave Lapham 40 acres (160,000 m2) of land on the east side of the Rogue for his trouble, and Lapham stayed there for the rest of his life. Hunter shortly left the area.

Lapham built his own sawmill on his side of the river, which was completed by 1844. Other settlers soon followed, including John Long, Freeman Burch, and William Thornton. By the fall of 1845, the settlement had about 5 houses. Since the settlement existed largely on land owned or sold by Smith Lapham, it became known as Laphamville. In 1856 it was first platted as Laphamville by William Thornton.

By 1865 the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Company had begun a railroad extending northward through the village. The railroad had been advising the residents to adopt a shorter name, and when a newly arrived resident from Rockford, Illinois proposed the name of his former town, the new name was narrowly approved. It was replatted under the name Rockford in 1865 and incorporated as the Village of Rockford in June 1866 with 315 inhabitants.

In recent years (starting around the 1980s), the town of Rockford has developed a more suburban character as a middle class bedroom community of Grand Rapids, MI.


The White Pine Trail runs through the downtown area of Rockford, next to the Rogue River and the Rockford Dam. Rockford also has many small parks dotted along the river for a great place to rest while enjoying the White Pine Trail.

Memorial Park

Memorial ParkFeaturing the Rum Creek Nature and Fitness Trail. Rum Creek is a pristine, cold water trout stream. View incredible wetlands and a beautiful creek. Memorial Park is home to the popular Community Cabin and one of the finest wooden playground structures in the area, Pachyderm Park, at 220 N. Monroe.


Rockford Community Cabin

Rockford Community CabinNext to Rum Creek in Memorial Park at 220 N. Monroe, the Rockford Community Cabin is perfect for meetings, receptions, family reunions and company picnics. Built in 1937, the renovated cabin has a kitchen, restrooms, and capacity for 80 people. Make reservations in advance; contact City Hall for more information.


Rotary Jaycee Park

Rotary Jaycee ParkRotary Jaycee park is a quaint neighborhood park. It has a fun play structure with climbing dinosaurs and swings. This park also includes a full basketball court, open field for play, paved parking lot and picnic tables with a drinking fountain. Rotary Jaycee Park is located at 127 S. Fremont Street.


Richardson-Sowerby Park

Richardson-Sowerby ParkThis is one of Rockford's great finds! On both the east and west banks of the Rogue River. The east bank has a covered pavilion for picnicking, BBQ grills, a playground, fishing opportunities and restrooms. Across the pedestrian bridge, on the west bank, there is a fitness course and softball field. Easily accessible from the White Pine State Trail or off Main St. behind the Rogue Valley Towers


Pickett Park

Pickett ParkPickett Park at 120 Gaylord has a fitness challenge climbing structure, swings, jeep riding toys, and the WUM climber! Plus picnic tables, benches, bike racks, drinking fountain, and direct access to the White Pine Trail State Park. Take the pedestrian bridge spanning the Rogue River to Richardson Sowerby Park.


Garden Club Park

Garden Club ParkCome relax in downtown Rockford. On the banks of the Rogue River, the White Pine Trail State Park winds through for bicycling and walking. Just northeast of the dam, Garden Club Park includes new leveling, picnic tables, lighting, and a concert deck. This is the scene for the popular summer music series, the "Rogue River Blues".


Peppler Park

Peppler ParkPeppler Memorial Park is on the Rogue River west of the Rockford Dam. It has a fishing platform, picnicking, and provides for a walk across the dam. Peppler Park has a new overlook, railings, access ramp, landscaping, flowers, stairs to Bridge Street, and hosts the Rockford Area Community Endowment "Recognition Plaza".


Rogue River Nature Trail

Rogue River Nature TrailThe Rogue River Nature Trail is a newly-finished boardwalk along the Rogue River. It begins in Peppler Park, west of the Rockford Dam. The trail encompasses 4.5 acres, and the boardwalk winds a quarter-mile north along the river bank, offering scenic views of wooded areas, the Rogue River, and downtown Rockford.


Glen Park

Glen ParkGlen Park is Rockford's newest park. A boardwalk, playground and nature trail make this a great place to relax with family and friends. An array of playground equipment, picnic tables and benches in a shady wooded setting provide plenty of room and enjoyment. Glen Park is on Glen Park Drive, just west of Highland Drive.


Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State ParkA turn-of-the-century railroad line is now a linear Park, and an area favorite. The trail provides a direct paved link from Grand Rapids, with access to Fifth Third Park and the West River area. It runs through Rockford along the scenic Rogue River and provides wonderful opportunities for walking, bicycling and roller-blading.


Rockford Dam Overlook

Rockford Dam OverlookBeautifully renovated, the Rockford Dam Overlook is one of the highlights of Rockford and provides a spectacular view of the Rogue River. Ideal for picnicking and watching the fishermen, this park is a gem of downtown Rockford. There is direct access to the river. The Rockford Dam Overlook is located on Bridge Street downtown.


Rockford is noted for having a wide variety of unusual boutique shops with many specializing in hard-to-find or one-of-a-kind items. Children delight in shopping at Aunt Candy's Toy Company while adults may enjoy browsingBaskets in the Belfry through Baskets in the Belfry or many others to explore. A wide range of restaurants from fine dining to fast food leave no palet unsatisfied. Grab a bit to eat at The Dam Dogs, or purchase gourmet coffee and fudge from Herman's Boy or enjoy a dining experience unlike any other at Reds On The RiverReds On The RiverThere are many more restaurants to choose from including Bostwick Lake Inn, Corner Bar, McDonalds, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Subway, Hungry Howies, Rogue River Tavern, Sam's Joint, and Timbers Inn. One of Rockford's unique features is Main Streetthat the streetlights play music which the strolling shoppers can enjoy. 

The downtown area has many activities to promote itself. In the summer, there is a farmer's market where fresh produce, flowering plants, and gourmet baked goods may be purchased every Saturday morning.


Rockford is served by the Rockford Public Schools, private schools, and charter academies. Rockford is one of the few school districts in the area that has a Spanish Immersion program.

Belmont ElementaryBelmont Elementary

6097 Belmont Avenue
Belmont, MI 49306

Maggie Thelen, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6362
Fax: 616.863.6356
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Belmont Elementary serves 349 students in developmental kindergarten through grade five. The principal of Belmont is Maggie Thelen, who is also the director of the Gifted and Talented department. Belmont has 13 classroom teachers and 5 paraprofessionals. In addition, the school has one resource room teacher, a reading specialist, and teachers for music, art, and physical education. There is a psychologist, a speech teacher, a social worker, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist on staff, as well as a gifted and talented program.

Cannonsburg ElementaryCannonsburg Elementary

4894 Sturgis Avenue
Rockford, MI 49341

Cindy Kitzrow, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6344
Fax: 616.863.6357
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Cannonsburg Elementary School serves 250 students in kindergarten through grade five. The principal of Cannonsburg is Cindy Kitzrow, who is also the Director of Library & Media Services for Rockford Public Schools. Cannonsburg has 9 full-time classroom teachers, 2 part-time third grade teachers in a job share position, a resource room teacher, reading specialist, and teachers for music, physical education and art. Technology enhances our curriculum and all students receive instruction in our school computer lab. We have a wonderful library where we promote literacy and learning. We also have a variety of special service personnel servicing the students, including a district gifted and talented program and special education.

Crestwood ElementaryCrestwood Elementary

6350 Courtland Drive
Rockford, MI 49341

Doug Hoogerland, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6346
Fax: 616.863.6359
Hours: 8:25 AM – 3:30 PM

Crestwood Elementary is one of eight elementary schools in Rockford. Thirty-one professional teaching staff members and eight paraprofessionals serve Crestwood Elementary. Special services personnel include a school psychologist, school social worker, gifted/talented pull-out teacher, computer consultant, speech and language therapist, occupational and physical therapists, school nurse, two resource classroom teachers, media specialists, and a reading specialist.

Lakes ElementaryLakes Elementary

6849 Young Avenue
Rockford, MI 49341

Blake R. Bowman, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6340
Fax: 616.863.6358
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Principal Blake Bowman and staff are proud that Lakes Elementary is recognized as a Michigan Blue Ribbon School. We house students in developmental kindergarten through fifth grade. We have 31 professional teachers, including DK through fifth grade, art, music, physical education, and a reading specialist. Our special services personnel include a school psychologist, social worker, gifted and talented consultant, speech and language therapist, two resource room teachers, two cognitive impaired teachers, occupational and physical therapists, and district nurses. Our support staff consists of secretaries, custodians, and paraprofessionals who work in our office, library, classrooms, computer lab, lunchroom, and playground.  Our motto is “To learn, to lead, and to serve” which sums up our commitment to students, parents, and community members.

Meadow Ridge ElementaryMeadow Ridge Elementary

8100 Courtland Drive
Rockford, MI 49341

Sharon Wells, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6342
Fax: 616.866.7593
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Meadow Ridge Elementary serves 448 students in early childhood special education through grade five. The principal of Meadow Ridge is Sharon Wells, who is also in charge of the Literacy Department for Rockford Public Schools. Meadow Ridge has 28 classroom teachers, 2 resource room teachers, a reading specialist, and teachers for music, art, and physical education. We also have two psychologists, two speech pathologists, two social workers, an occupational therapist, and physical therapist on staff. We have a wonderful library where we promote literacy and learning. We also have a gifted and talented program.

Parkside ElementaryParkside Elementary

156 Lewis Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Larry Watters, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6360
Fax: 616.866.2327
Hours: 7:45 AM - 4:15 PM

Parkside currently serves 326 students in developmental kindergarten through fifth grade. The principal of Parkside is Larry Watters. There are 20 professional teachers including DK-5 teachers, art, music, physical education teachers, and a reading specialist. We also have a variety of special services personnel including a school social worker, gifted and talented consultant, speech and language therapist, resource room teacher, occupational and physical therapists, and a district nurse. Our support staff consists of a media specialist, secretaries, custodians, and paraprofessionals who work in classrooms, the computer lab, the lunchroom, and the playground. Parkside is a family of caring professionals who make it our daily goal to make a difference in the lives of children.

Roguewood ElementaryRoguewood Elementary

3900 Kroes Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Michael J. Hibbeln, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6374
Fax: 616.866.7132
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Roguewood Elementary currently serves 650 students in developmental kindergarten through fifth grade. Roguewood Elementary is also home to Rockford Public Schools' Spanish Immersion and Autistic (ASD) magnet programs. In addition to our 38 professional teaching staff members, there are a variety of special services personnel and numerous support staff that assist in Roguewood’s daily operation. Special services personnel include resource room teachers, a school psychologist, social worker, reading specialist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and nurse. Support staff includes a media specialist, secretaries, custodians, classroom and playground paraprofessionals, and lunchroom personnel.

Valley View ElementaryValley View Elementary

405 Summit Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Robert Siegel, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6366
Fax: 616.866.5995
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Valley View consists of 35 teachers, 23 support staff members, 625 students, a very active parent teacher organization, and MANY wonderful, supportive, involved parents, and Bob Siegel, principal of this wonderful school community. The students who attend Valley View are in developmental kindergarten through fifth grade.

Rockford Freshman CenterRockford Freshman Center

4500 Kroes Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Doug VanderJagt, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6348
Fax: 616.866.7134
Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Rockford High School provides a unique opportunity for students to transition into their high school years by spending their first year of high school at the Freshman Center. While still being considered a high school facility, the Freshman Center is located just down the street from the 10-12 building, which provides all freshmen an opportunity to participate in a full high school experience.

The freshman year is full of excitement and a chance to set a solid foundation. The Freshman Center staff is looking forward to assisting students in every way possible to make their first year of high school a productive year. Students are encouraged to actively participate in their education and to be involved in the many programs offered to all students at Rockford High School (9-12).

East Rockford Middle SchoolEast Rockford Middle School

8615 Nine Mile Road
Rockford, MI 49341

Mike Ramm, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6140
Fax: 616.863.6565
Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

East Rockford has 60 professional staff dedicated to meeting the unique needs associated with middle school students. Our school has a strong balance between academics, co-curricular activities, and after-school programs. We have various student intervention programs that include special services, gifted and talented, speech and language, occupational and physical therapists, and a district nurse. Our support staff consists of a media specialist, secretaries, food service personnel, security officer, custodians, and paraprofessionals. We are most proud of our highly involved parents and their commitment toward the achievement of all students. Together, we make East Rockford Middle School a caring place where students are surrounded with supportive adults who guide them in a positive and cooperative learning environment.

North Rockford Middle SchoolNorth Rockford Middle School

397 E. Division Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Lissa Weidenfeller, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6300
Fax: 616.866.5998
Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

North serves 847 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The administration consists of the principal, assistant principal, and athletic director/student activities coordinator. There are 58 certified teachers, a media specialist, two counselors, and many professional support staff. We are proud of our State-recognized intervention programs which have been implemented to help our students achieve success! In addition, our students have numerous elective classes to explore, including our award-winning music and art programs.

Rockford High SchoolRockford High School

4100 Kroes Street
Rockford, MI 49341

Dan Zang, Principal
Ph: 616.863.6030
Fax: 616.866.5997
Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Welcome to Rockford High School, home of the RAMS!! Rockford High School has a very rich tradition of success both in and out of the classroom. Our entire staff is committed to providing outstanding academic and other supportive services to our students, parents, and community.

Rockford High School is proud to be recognized as a Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School and is fully accredited by AdvanceED, formally known as NCA (North Central Association of Schools and Colleges). It is important to note that all of Rockford Public Schools buildings are 100 percent Blue Ribbon certified! Rockford High School has also been recognized by the State of Michigan and has earned an “A” the past six years through the Education YES! Program. The State gives these grades based on test scores and school improvement information. We are very proud of our long standing commitment to excellence in the classroom!

Beyond academics, our students are offered state and nationally recognized fine arts programs, comprehensive and varied club and intramural activities, as well as 35 athletic opportunities (with over 31 state championships). Rockford High School is also deeply committed to community service. Our students are involved in many projects that support our community and the greater Grand Rapids area, as well as international causes.


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