10 Reasons To Buy A New Home VS A Resale

With all the foreclosures available in today’s housing market, many homeowners are able to find good deals on resale homes. However, considering the entire process and the issues that come with buying a resale, there are still quite a few reasons to buy new a construction home.

  1. The most obvious reason is the amount of customization that can be built into a new home. Obviously a resale can be painted to match the buyer’s favorite color palette, but more extensive customizations can be made more efficiently in a new construction.

  2. As codes change, new homes are built to stricter standards. These include energy efficiency meaning newer homes result in lower monthly bills for heating and cooling. This also tends to provide a higher quality of doors and windows that are less likely to require immediate maintenance or replacement.

  3. Along with that efficiency comes newer, green appliances. Again, requiring less energy to use, these appliances are also less likely to need repair and generally are going to perform better than their older counterparts.

  4. Beyond the efficiency of new codes, newer houses simply don’t require an undisclosed amount of repair work to bring their livability up to standard. Nobody lived in the house previously with dogs that tore up carpet or chewed on cabinetry.

  5. In addition to not needing repairs, a new home shouldn’t require immediate maintenance work. Interior and exterior cleaning is performed by the contractor before completing the sale as is seeding the lawn.

  6. To buy new construction home includes a warranty which is rarely included on foreclosures or otherwise reduced price homes. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that if anything goes wrong in the house it will be repaired or replace is invaluable.

  7. Modern building styles provide a higher level of fire protection than ever before. Hard wired smoke detectors and built in security systems can prevent a fire from getting out of control. Fire retardant carpet and insulation set a new standard in preventing common heat sources from starting a fire and prevent the fire from spreading very quickly.

  8. Although a resell house can be less expensive, to buy new construction home can often provide a greater chance to negotiate a bargain. It may be that a home is worth less than the current owner can charge in order to pay off their mortgage, or there may be a situation where a contractor needs to sell a home quickly in order to finance the next project. These situations either raise or lower the price for the potential home buyer.

  9. Financing is easier when buying a new home. Banks are more comfortable giving loans on a new house that is priced appropriately than an older house that may cost more than appraisal value. The builder may have recommendations to respected mortgage companies and help the buyer through the process.

  10. When buying a new home, the customer has the opportunity to choose the neighborhood based on the location they prefer instead of choosing a home based on value and price that may not be in the most convenient area.

Ultimately, the final decision is up to each individual’s needs and preferences. Of course in some cases a resale may make more sense if it is ultimately a better deal, but these reasons should be carefully considered concerning the decision to buy new construction home. The overall convenience of being able to move in and begin to get comfortable in the new home brings a convenience rarely available in a resale property.

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