3 Simple Steps to Take When Preparing for an Open House

An open house provides you with the chance to impress a number of potential buyers and sell your house sooner, as long as you make sure that your home is ready for it. Preparing for an open house involves performing several tasks to get your home in tip-top shape.

These are a few things to keep in mind in order to have a successful open house:

  • Let in as much light as possible. This makes your home seem brighter and more open. Have all curtains, blinds and shades open, and make sure all of the lights inside your home are turned on.
  • Your house should be free of clutter, dust, dirt and grime. Otherwise, your home won’t make a good impression on potential buyers, who want to see it looking its best. Wash all windows and floors, wipe down counters and cabinets and dust every room. Follow these 12 simple steps for staging.
  • Set the ideal tone for your open house. Make sure the thermostat is at a pleasant temperature, so your home won’t feel too warm or cold. Have fresh flowers around to provide more color and an appealing scent. Consider baking cookies or bread to give your home an enticing aroma as well.

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