All About Animal Prints In Your Home


Whether your hunter-gatherer spirit embraces the idea of authentic animal hides or you simply like the patterning of exotic animals, it's easy to bring a little wild kingdom into your home and create a snazzy style that suits your taste.


If you like animal hides, you'll really like the upcoming seasons. They're on ottomans. They're on seating. They're on the floor in front of a crackling fire, although that's nothing new. What is new is how hide can be woven into nearly any type of décor, bringing in a natural element without going full-blown log cabin.

Animal print rugs

There was a time that an animal print rug indicated you had a wild side. Today it just means you have good taste. It also no longer pigeonholes you to a certain type of rug or color scheme. Zebra print rugs and hides may be the most popular or expected options for an animal print rug, but today they come in every shape, size, and animal type.

"Animal print will always inject a graphic element and the recognizable patterns make for fabulous area rugs in leopard, zebra, and giraffe skin prints," said HGTV.

An animal print rug can be used as a foundational piece, to set a color story, or as a neutral. Or, all three, like this cheetah print rug in Southern Living.

Modern trends take the prints and pump them up even further. "Add a wild fall fashion trend under your feet" with "new carpet designs inspired by the animal kingdom," said House Beautiful.

Animal print everywhere else

On bedding, on rugs, on walls, on lampshades - you could put animal print just about everywhere if you wanted to. Although we don't recommend it. The trick to a well-designed space is the same as a well-designed diet: everything in moderation.

"Graphic animal prints add a dose of exotic chic to any room," said Elle Décor. But, added Better Homes and Gardens, "We've all seen those exaggerated rooms filled with animal print that's way overdone and the crime that occurs from overuse. Animal print is best used in small doses and smaller pieces of furniture or accents, or to make a dramatic impact with a rug or fun upholstered piece. It's a bold move to upholster a sofa in an animal print, but its graphic nature makes a stunning statement."

To incorporate an animal print into a space without "overpowering a room," use it subtly, said HGTV.

See some more chic examples of interiors featuring animal print here.

And that's not all

Horns, antlers, and animal skulls take the design one step further, and options for working this into your space are ample. Displaying animal parts not your thing? Go faux.

Either way, your space will be unique, interesting, and on trend.

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