Baby-Friendly Nursery Room Design

Once the baby is on the way, one of the major decisions you should make is how to decorate the babies’ room. No more pink for girls – blue for boys. Creating a unique interior designed specifically for babies has evolved into an art that has no boundaries.

Do you know whether you expecting a girl or a boy? Even if you don’t want to find out the sex of the baby and be surprised on the day, there are countless opportunities on how to create a modern yet comfortable room for your new family member. More and more parents do not want the interior design to be limited to a specific age of the child, but instead they want the room to be used for a longer period of their childhood, and even for a second child. For this reason they use more unisex colors in order to avoid the cost of re-decorating in the future.

Decorate the baby room should be exciting and relaxing. The end result is only limited by your imagination and creativity. For most of us these attributes are often unknown. If you have a shortage of ideas, time and energy, there are people that are qualified for this job. Designers can help you with advice, and if you want you can hire them to do the work for you. It will be an investment that will repay itself every time you enter the room.

Tips for the kids room interior design:


This is the hardest part of the journey. Whether you've already decided on a particular style or are still looking for the right style, you have to keep the "spirit" in which you want the room to be decorated. Maybe you already have a favorite character or an animal that will be the beginning of your inspiration? If not, look for ideas in interior design magazines. The next step if you have selected a character or animal is to take out the colors that are in this picture. For example, if you love rabbits, use a yellowish, white, cream, pink and green color in the decor.


The standard furniture for children's room is; a crib, a high chair, a wardrobe and a changing table to name just a few. However, consider adding furniture with which your child will grow up. A cradle that can be converted into bed when the child grows up a little bit, or a changing table that can be converted into a wardrobe. Above all, security should be your first priority when choosing furniture. Make sure to read the safety and dangers form from the furniture manufactures.

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The most interesting part of decorating is of course accessories. Use blankets, which can be put on the carpet, shelves, a mirror, diaper bag, hooks for towels, etc. With accessories you can express your creativity and give your baby a warm and pleasant room in which to grow up.

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