Kitchen Countertops: The Art Of Stone

Granite is still the fan favorite when it comes to kitchen countertops. According to, granite is the benchmark that other countertops are judged by.

It's durable, beautiful and comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. More expensive choices aren't as desirable. Marble is more expensive and not as durable. Concrete is urban and edgy, but the on-site fabrication costs make it costly.

Yes, granite conveys quality, durability, and elegance. "It's got granite" has become shorthand for luxury and quality.

Not only is it gorgeous, it's easy to maintain and can withstand hot pans up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Commodity granite tends to be domestic quarried stone with names like Uba Tuba, Baltic Brown and Black Galaxy. These granite patterns feature small patterns that are easy to fabricate into small tiles or slabs. You can find commodity granite at home improvement stores.

But if you want the latest upscale look, it's all about "slab" granite. Like a piece of modern art, slab granite is chosen for the beauty of a contiguous swirl or lighting-like pattern. This abstract design is one of a kind and should be fabricated without a seam across a large countertop space.

It's an expensive way to go, but the effect can be dazzling, like capturing a fine painting in the framework of your counter space.

slab granite for kitchen tops
Slab Granite Kitchen Countertops

That said, there are other ways to enjoy the beauty of stone without choosing granite.

Engineered stone is about 93 percent quartz, which is then rounded out with epoxy, polymers, pebbles, shells, fossils, semi-precious stones and other materials. Unlike granite, which can stain if it's not sealed and resealed periodically, engineered stone is completely non-porous. While granite is measured and cut to specifications, quartz is an engineered stone that is poured into a mold to fit the measurement.

Since it's man-made, it's easy to match and arrives looking just like the sample in your hand. You've heard the brand names - Silestone from Italy, Hanstone from Korea, CaesarStone from Israel, among others. Each of these brands have stunning palettes to choose from, from granite-like patterns to solid colors of all hues.

Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops
Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops

No matter which stone you choose for your home, you'll find adding stone countertops to your kitchen will provide both beauty and value.

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