Paint It Black

Okay, paint it black is not the most common advice you will get from your Realtor for a paint choice, and you won't get it from me, either, except in limited circumstances; however, paint can be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to make make positive cosmetic changes to a property.  That said, in order to improve a property, you must make choices that Buyers will like, and that generally involves choosing colors that will appeal to the largest number of potential Buyers.

Let's focus on neutrals.  Neutrals are not limited to just white or beige.  There are numerous colors includng tans, light browns, and light greens that can go with a variety of colors.  While a bold color may look good to you, keep in mind that the colors that will appeal to the most people will give you the best shot at selling your house.  If you want to paint your living room orange, for example, consider how relatively few Buyers are going to have a sofa that goes with an orange wall.  And true, walls can be re-painted, but many Buyers will just move on to the next house that is already the color they want.

The goal is to have a house that looks fresh.  Dirty, faded, or peeling paint will not add to the appeal of your home.

So when can you paint it black?  One possibility may be the front door.  A freshly painted gloss black door can look good on many houses.  But regardless of color chosen, the door is part of the first impression of your home, so a freshly painted door is welcoming and suggests that your home is well maintained.

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