The Basics Of Increasing Curb Appeal

We all understand the importance of first impressions. Curb appeal is a major priority as it increases your chances of selling your when it is attracting the most attention from potential buyers: when it’s first listed. Rather than diving headfirst into costly exterior accoutrements, keep it simple by taking care of and adding the basics.

Start by walking across the street and having a look at your home. Look at it as though you are seeing it for the first time. Make a note of all the things that immediately catch your eye. How’s your landscaping? Is your entryway welcoming? Could you use a fresh coat of paint, whether it’s just the trim or the entire house? Is your front door in good repair? With this task, two heads are better than one. Take a friend or family member with you to catch things that you may be inclined to miss simply because you are so used to looking at them.


Potential buyers could be driving by at any time of the day…or night. Be sure that the visual appeal of your home translates after sundown. Consider installing spotlights that project onto your home or some upgraded fixtures for your porch. Lighting your walkways is also a great way to add outdoor ambiance and immediately increases your home’s safety.


Taking care of what needs to be fixed is the first step for landscaping. Trim any foliage, especially if it obstructs the view of your parking areas and walk ways. Inability to see these areas makes your home seem unsafe to potential buyers. The addition of flowers is an inexpensive way to create a lush feel while adding colorful accents to your property. Place potted plants on your porch to give your entryway a more inviting look.

Seeking Help:

Because resale value often varies by region, asking a local realtor for advice is a great way to find out what’s working for other homes in your area. Getting the input of your real estate professional always increases your chances of success in selling your home.

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