Are you Dune Ready?

Are you dune ready? That is the new question out in Silver Lake MI.  If you haven’t been out to Silver Lake yet this year, you have some new information you need to know.  If you are dune ready you now don’t have to have a voucher.  As long as your vehicle is able to drive right up from the road to the dunes you don’t have to wait in those long lines anymore for that voucher.  If you have a trailer that you need to keep at the dunes you will still need to get a parking lot voucher.  Here is the check list to make sure you are dune ready:

Do you have:
*Recreation Passports
*ORV Permits
*ORV Tail Permits

Dune ready also means:
*Vehicle is street-legal
*Safety flag is attached in the proper location and at least 10 feet high
*All passengers have seat belts
*Vehicle has a windshield OR passengers wear goggles
*Vehicle has spark arrester type exhaust/reverse flow exhaust
*Noise level is at or below 94 decibels
*Driver must have valid, unrestricted driver’s license
*Recommended tire pressure is 15 pounds per square inch

If you have any more questions about the new policy check out the Michigan Department of Natural Resources webpage with the link provided below,4570,7-153-10365_15070-34760--,00.html

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