Home for The Holidays

Getting the home ready for holiday guests doesn't have to be expensive or hard to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed. The key is to create a clean, fresh and candid space for them; and with some simple touches, you can transform any room into a private sanctuary where your guests can feel right at home. Focusing on the main rooms, such as the bathroom, guest bedrooms, and kitchen will give your home a nice face lift and help you prioritize what realistically needs to be done.

In the bathrooms check for the condition of trim, paint, hardware located on cabinets and closets to make sure their updated. Take special note of the status of the shower head, caulking in the bathtub and the cleanliness of the shower curtain or door, and your sink and tubs draining capabilities. Replacing old shower soap cakes and stocking up on travel size toiletries well help give the allusion that you’re going the extra mile to care for them; and can also make for great placement in a basket or jars on your vanity.

Guest bedrooms can easily have bedding and coordinating window treatments replaced to give the easiest updates, as sheets can be easily worn. Checking that amenities are precise and placed properly can also spread long range coverage to that allusion you’re giving to the guests, so you can focus on the cooking the perfect holiday meal.

Kitchens tend to make people think of expensive and hard updates such as appliances and counter tops but in reality checking for things like the caulking around the sink, replacing light fixtures and bulbs, and fixing cracked tiles can help freshen your space. If any of those aren't up your alley consider investing in and area rug and replacing cabinet hardware also easily done at a low price.

Remember also to keep up on your cleaning and do your grocery shopping early! Plan on making great memories and bringing people together to celebrate with holiday cheer!          

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