Painting Made Easy!

I have been thinking about changing some of the wall colors in my home.  Just thinking about doing this gives me a headache. I always end up picking a color i love in the store but hate on my walls at home. This should be fun not frustrating! I like to think I am a crafty person, so painting should be easy.  Not the case here. 

I was watching t.v. the other night and saw a commercial about an app that The Home Depot created called the Project Color App.  This app was made for people like me!  With just a few steps you can see the finished product in the palm of your hand.  The image of your room painted within minutes!  You take a picture of the room that you want to paint, select a color swatch and lastly select the walls that you want to paint.  It’s that easy!  I downloaded that app right away.  I know now what will look good in my room without all the frustration of buying paint and it looking completely wrong! Check it out!

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Brie Lorenz

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