Cheap upgrades to increase the value of your home


Looking to Sell your home?  Here are a few cheap upgrades you can make that may increase the value of your home!

  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Outdated cabinets can look much more modern with a couple coats of new paint.
  • Update Cabinet Handles: Swapping out old cabinet handles can make a kitchen look completely different
  • Add Extra Seating Outdoors: This can make your yard seem like there is even more space.
  • New Outlet and Light switch Plates: These can get super dirty but are really cheap to replace.
  • Bump up the curb appeal: Make sure the front of your house is welcoming.  Add some extra plants to the porch or paint the door!
  • Landscaping Upgrades: Good looking landscaping will leave a good first impression with your buyers.
  • Say goodbye to the popcorn ceiling: Removing the popcorn ceiling will make the home look more contemporary.
  • Add Visible Storage: Buyers want to see storage space without having to open everything.
  • Upgrade your fixtures: Door knobs, faucets and locks are all fairly cheap to paint/swap out.
  • Change up your lighting: Upgrading lighting to the main rooms can make the space feel more expensive.
  • Paint Paint Paint:  A neutral clean palette can please almost any buyer.
  • Add Mirrors:  Adding mirrors is one of the simplest ways to make a room feel larger.
  • Paint older bathtubs: If you don’t want to buy a whole new tub, older tubs can be painted over

Once you have done all the upgrades to your home, give me a call and I will get your house SOLD!

Brie Lorenz

Brie Lorenz

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