Good bye to that decade!

It is almost 2010. Can you believe it? That was perhaps one of the toughest decades that we have ever had. It started with the Y2k scare and just got worse. Terrorism, a falling stock market and a great big recession, or maybe in Michigan a depression. Can it get any worse than that?

I am sure it can, but it doesn't have to personally. I find that if we get back to basics and a sound understanding of where we really are it makes things a lot easier. First of all so many people are broke or getting there. What I see is that so many people live beyond their means. We need the cable, we need the phones, and we need everything under the sun. Stop and think about it, fifteen years ago none of that was really available. We didn't hardly know that the internet existed!

I find that I am the happiest with a good book or my guitar. There are a million things that we can enjoy that don't cost much at all. A good hike, a fishing pole or just a good conversation with a friend. Here in Michigan we are so blessed with what our great outdoors has to offer. The big lake is one of them. In my travels I don't think that I have seen anything as beautiful as a sunset over Lake Michigan in the summer. It is truly amazing. Sometimes I think that we have too much and that if we dig deep into our souls and learn how to appreciate the little things we will pull out the meaning of life, after all just waking up in the morning is wonderful. It sure does beat the alternative.

Bruce Wackernagel

Bruce Wackernagel

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