Its beginning to look a lot like winter!

Michigan always surprises us with something. We have beautiful sunny days followed by big roaring wind and waves on the big lake. Then comes the snow. Sometimes it is so much to take in. This morning a big full moon was setting in the west. Yesterday morning the sky was a beautiful crimson red at sunrise.

With winter soon approaching and Christmas almost upon us I am thankful that I live and work here in Michigan. We usually avoid the natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, and though it changes here constantly, I have to say that the challenge of it all is inspiring and rather thrilling.

It has been a good year for real estate too!  Our comany Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt has faired rather well through the economic turmoil and the election cycle. The real estate market is always an up and down market and just like the Michigan weather, you never know what the day will bring until its arrivews!

Isn't that what life is all about?

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Bruce Wackernagel

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