Spring is here and homes are selling!

There is an old saying that says "A cold wet May means a barnful of hay." Well so far it has been a cold and wet May, and I do believe that the farmers in the area will have plenty of hay in their barns soon. That is a good thing, as well as the amount of homes in the area that are selling. The market has picked up a lot since last year, and it looks like it will continue. The tax credits that Uncle Sam put in motion seem to have motivated a few buyers. It motivated me, I put in an offer on a HUD home. I think that it is a good time to invest in the real estate market if you can afford to wait a few years to see the values come back.

Coldwell Banker did a great TV commercial this past month. Maybe you got a chance to view it. There was a young woman and she was hearing different voices saying things like "three bedrooms, large lot" cozy kitchen" etc.... Are you hearing those same voices in your head? Well if you are maybe it is a good time for you to start thinking of buying or selling. If you do have any questions give me a call, I may be able to help you out.

Spring is here, and soon it will be Memorial weekend, lets all remember our troops and those wonderful men and women in uniform protecting the best country in the world!


Bruce Wackernagel

Bruce Wackernagel

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