Happy New Year

The end of the world did not happen on December 21 this year as was predicted. The doom and gloom predicted never happend. It just goes to show you that no one can predict the future. The future belongs to God.

This new years resloution for me is to avoid the news media as much as possible. I don't want to hear how housing is going to tank out. I don't want to hear that the  world is falling. I want to hear good news. That might sound rather silly, but did you know that people who are optimistic live longer and better lives. Living with gratitude is much better than living with regrets. I am looking forward to a really good year with Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt. The company is doing great. The forward thinking leadership that we have with Coldwell Banker is fantastic. Lets all make 2013 a wonderful positive year. After all any one including chicken little can tell you the sky is falling! Put the excuses behind you and look forward with optimism.

Have a great and prosperous new year!

Bruce Wackernagel

Bruce Wackernagel

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