Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

I was working real hard to surprise my spouse

Selling listings and closing and working real hard

When what did appear when I looked into the yard

Ken Schmidt was all dressed up in a new Santa Suit

Looking real shiny like a bowl full of fruit

Tom Gray was there in a cammo neck tie

and Jack Bouman looked as if he were ready to cry

I wondered to myself is this a wierd dream

or are the three of them up to some new type of scheme?

I figured it out it wasn't about real estate

They were all trying to hunt deer and get Jack a date.

It all boils down to me calling FSBO's

I could tell by the sweat running off my nose

Listings and sales I was after all year

I need to slow down now Christmas is here

So I say to all my fellow Schmidt member crew

Its time to relax and toast some good brew

we had a good year and a billion we sold

lets welcome some new green  agents into the fold

Merry Christmas

Bruce Wackernagel

Bruce Wackernagel

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