The Home Buying Experience Continues

This is more a less an extension of my last blog post... my wife and I have not closed on our home yet. Like I have said over and over again, buying a foreclosure is going to take time and be a headache (or 10 - if you get headaches) BUT well worth it in the end. Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it sure is looking that way! We got our appraisal back and were very happy to see that we will be stepping into a chunk of equity right off the bat, not to mention what we are going to do with our home to add even more value. Who knows, we may never want to move. 

We are now just about a week out from close day, hopefully. We are very very excited to finally be done with this part of the process and have a place called home (total of close to 75 days to close this one). We are going to be doing extensive work in the home which will in turn not allow us to move in for a few weeks. 

I hope with the next post I write I am in my new home with a new puppy! Stay tuned next month to see if it happened! I will probably even add some before and after photos to show off our awesome home! It is hard to believe summer is coming to an end...

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