Fall is in the Air in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Welcome to one of the most beautiful seasons of the year here in the Upper Peninsula. With the leaves changing and the bite in the air, we only know what is coming next! Luckily it looks like the snow will hold off until Halloween is over this year! 

Lately with a few past sales I have had Radon Gas problems. When I say problems, I mean high enough levels of the gas to have the need for a mitigation system installed. Most buyers and sellers are not very familiar with Radon Gas, so I wanted to bring it to light as it is a current issue in certain locations of the Upper Peninsula. For more information regarding Radon Gas, please visit: http://www2.epa.gov/radon

The big thing to note with Radon Gas is that it can be taken care of at a minimal cost with a mitigation system. It should not break a deal. I will attached a couple of PDFs to my homepage with more info.

The real estate market is still booming in Marquette County! Interest rates are still very low and now is the time to buy or sell! If your looking for a home or property, visit my website at: www.youruprealtor.com.

On another note, I still am NOT in my home... this process has took nearly six months total up to now. Hoping to be moved in before Thanksgiving. Welcome to home buying!



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