Coldwell Banker Commercial Continues To Innovate

Coldwell Banker Commercial continues to Innovate

Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) has just released its marketing strategies for 2016 and I think the upcoming initiatives will continue to strengthen the service agents provide to their clients.  When describing the mission statement of the company CBC said “Simply put, our goal is to demonstrate to real estate investors, business owners and corporate users/occupants how the hardworking, diverse professionals in the CBC organization deliver a tangible competitive advantage by being tireless advocates for all their commercial needs.”  This is a perfect description of the goals that I strive for each time I work with a client in order to help fulfil his or her real estate needs.

While working to increase brand awareness and visibility for Coldwell Banker Commercial the company is focusing on a redesigned and improved website, a new brand advertising campaign including national and regional advertising, sponsorships of important commercial trade groups such as CCIM and ICSC and a thoughtful public relations campaign.  CBC tries to attract agents that are entrepreneurial, knowledgeable, principled and driven. They continue to build a network of agents that are creative in their thinking, relentless in their pursuit, and have a work ethic that puts their clients’ needs first.

Reading these 2016 initiatives reminded me why I choose Coldwell Banker Schmidt as the company I wanted to work with in 2002 when I began my real estate career.  In addition to the best resources, we have some of the best training in the industry and that helps attract and retain fantastic agents.  Our local franchise has grown from 27 offices in Michigan with 300 agents to over 1,180 agents with 65 offices throughout Michigan, Ohio and Florida.  It continues to be run as a family business led by Ken Schmidt, Mike Schmidt, Tom Gray & Fred Schmidt and headquartered in Traverse City.  While the leadership is top notch, the emphasis has always been put on the employees and agents that make the company as successful as it is.

By aligning with the leader in our industry as well as the local marketplace, agents are able to offer unparalleled service and marketing to our customers.  I’m excited that our company continues to innovate and roll out new products all the time leading the way in new mobile and cloud based services and holding the bar high for those that work in the industry.  Last year Coldwell Banker Schmidt closed over 15,000 transaction sides that represented over two billion dollars of real estate.  Coldwell Banker Commercial has over 200 companies with over 3,000 professionals covering the world’s largest geographic footprint in today’s commercial real estate marketplace.

Please let us know what we can do to help take your business to the next level!


Dan Stiebel, CCIM

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