Michigan's FUN Vacation Destination: The Silver Lake Sand Dunes!

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes are proof that fun has no limits when it comes to age, ethnicity or income bracket of those who live here or visit!. It doesn't matter who you are, the dunes are a blast and a great place to invest in a vacation home! Besides the glorious beauty of the sand and water, a wide diversity of people and activities can be found here as more and more people discover our state's number one wonder!

One can't help notice the late model Porsche SUV sitting along side the lifted and rusted 1978 GMC truck at the rental shop. If you didn't bring your own dirt bike or sandrail, you will find a variety of fun waiting for you here at the Dunes. No matter how much money you earn, a pauper or a professional, fun is available for sale, rent or borrow, Whether you want to ride a zipline or rent a small fishing boat to take your son or daughter fishing, it's here! Or maybe you want to rent a couple of jeeps and a luxurious pontoon with a slide on it for family coming into town! Fun is available to fit anyone's budget!

Diversity is fun! Waiting for a scooter ride at Mac Wood's Dune Ride, it's not unusual to see a Christian family or a Muslim family sitting next to an Indian family or an Amish family as they await their turn to experience the dunes my favorite way, The anticipation and excitement is evident in the faces as they listen for their names to be called over the loud speaker or when they wave from the scooter as the driver honks his horn on their way up to the dunes!  If the heads of states want to see what peace and happiness looks like, they should come to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and see what it's all about! Love of fun has no boundries! It's a universal need!

The homes and cottages around the Dunes are as diverse as the activities and the people. High-end luxurious waterfront homes are located along Lake Michigan's shoreline, of course, but sleeping arrangements of every kind can be found around the rest of the area. Silver Lake, Upper Silver Lake and the Dunes are accomodating with everything from tents to neo-eclectic mansions for sale or rent. The smell of bacon coming from the campground wafts into the brand new four-story American Craftsman across the street. Like all desirable places in Michigan, the waterfront and water view cottages of previous generations are being swept up and replaced with contemporary homes for the new generations to come. If you aren't ready to invest in a vacation house at this time and want the luxury of your own bathroom, be prepared to call very early to get one of the many rental properties available around town because they get rented way in advance. There are a few hotels in the area too!

One can't help but notice there are NO fast food restaurants at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes but there are some great restaurants popping up around the long time favorite The Sands Restaurant where the food and service just get better every year! For the craft beer lovers visiting the area, Big Heart Brewing Co is the place to see the beer being brewed! Diverity lies in the ice cream shops! One ice cream shop for each night you visit! If you have a vacation home, the statement is still true! There are a lot of different shops to find your favorite flavor! 

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes are divided into 3 sections. One part is for the Off-road Vehicles. Another section is for Mac Wood's Dune Rides. The third section, and my favorite, is the pedestrian areas. This is where you can sink your toes in as much sand as you could ever imagine. If you are energetic, you can hike to Lake Michigan and a hike it is-over a mile of sandy dunes! But it is an experience like no other. Kids always have to be buried to their chins and adults will oblige. The sand is so soft, you won't want to leave. I have been "dune it" for 30 years and have never had anything less than a wonderful day at the dunes! Bring your family, bring your smiles and have the time of your life!

If you are interested in investing in property at Michigan's vacation destination,  please visit my website DeNaze.Wharton@cbgreatlakes.com

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