Mrs. Wharton, answering the “Why…” questions about Real Estate

Angie is looking at houses and wants to know... Why not just call the agent whose name is on the sign?  Great Question, Angie!

The agent whose name is on the sign is called the Seller’s Agent.

The Seller’s Agent is…

  • Selling the home on behalf of the homeowner
  • Will pay (out of his commission), other agents to bring potential buyers to that home.
  • Expected to market the home to the best of their ability.
  • A fiduciary for the homeowner.
  • Expected to negotiate all terms of the sale in favor of the homeowner.

When looking for a home to buy, it is very important that you have a Buyer’s Agent.

A Buyer's Agent is...

  • Working on your behalf,
  • Advocating for you,
  • Negotiating in your favor, 
  • A fiduciary for you!                 

?Why use a Buyer’s Agent?

It costs you nothing to have a Buyer’s Agent.

It does not save you money to use the Seller’s Agent to buy the home.

It may end up costing you money if you don’t have a Buyer’s Agent.

Betty’s Story…

  1. Betty calls the number on the sign of a home she likes.
  2. The Seller’s Agent tells her the home is listed at $105,000.
  3. Betty tells the Seller’s agent, “I am only approved $100,000.”
  4.  The Seller’s Agent says, “I believe the lowest amount they will take is $100,000” (although he knows the homeowners actually accepted an offer for $95,000 last week, but the deal fell through.)

See what I am talking about? Don’t be like Betty. Call me and I will be your Buyer's Agent!

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