To Resolve or Not to Resolve, That is the Question.

Mrs Wharton Answers the Whys….

DeNaze, our REALTOR, asks “Why do I make a New Year’s Resolutions?"

“NO New Year’s Resolutions!!”

(Just kidding... I love them). I know I am weird-most of my friends refuse to make them, saying “what’s the point, I am just going to revert back sooner or later.” For me though, it gives me a chance to think about my personal growth, or lack thereof.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am like that infomercial cooker- I just set ‘em and forgot ‘em.

Forgetfulness is my enemy, trying to sabotage me at every turn.  I can be chugging right along, getting up every morning and merrily walking on my treadmill then BAM! I just plain forget I was attempting to live a healthy lifestyle! A week will go by and I think “oh man! I am supposed to be walking on the treadmill every day!”  I will forget to drink water until my lips are red and chapped. I sometimes forget that dairy products wreak havoc on my stomach and drink an Oreo shake. Then writhe in regret. How does a person forget to floss every day?

I often wake up a new me. But not always a better me! Usually, I am lazier then when I went to bed. And instead of heading to the treadmill, I head to the other side of the bed. Why is it that I go to bed with such good intentions and then wake up with every intention of going back to bed?

Sorry, I don’t have the answer to this one. But I do have the determination to continue my life long quest to be a better me. So, like the child who keeps getting up when learning to walk, I am going to keep making resolutions to improve myself. Even if I forget sometimes.

All kidding aside, one thing I never gave up on was my plan to buy a cabin by the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, my favorite place to be me. It took a while but I am sitting in it now because I kept at it! In the little while we have owned it, we have had some spectacular times with friends and family.  Now I am able to help others attain their dreams of having a place here.

Have you kicked around the idea of buying a cabin for yourself and your family? A place where memories can be created and held for a lifetime?  Don’t let another year go by without pursuing your dream!

Declare 2017 to be your best year ever! Make your New Year’s Resolution to call/text me, DeNaze Wharton at 810-348-6502, to open that door for you! I can't wait to talk to you!

DeNaze Wharton is a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt  2332 N Comfort Dr Hart, Michigan  810-348-6502 


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