Why should I put my house up for sale in the Fall or Winter?

Mrs Wharton Answering the "Why" questions in Real Estate

Helen asks… Why should I put my house up for sale in the Fall or Winter? 

Let's face it, people shop for homes whenever they are ready.  And 90% of home buyers shop on the Internet.

We started shopping for our vacation home in the fall. My husband and I were all snuggled up on the couch; he was watching football and I was on the computer combing the websites. It took a while, but finally we found it. Just the one we wanted!

Homes are not generally an impulse buy, thank goodness! It’s a big investment!

Rarely, will you hear anyone say “It’s Spring, let’s go buy a house!”

No one says that.

What you will hear people say is “If we are going to sell our house, we should do it in the Spring!”

Everyone says that! And what happens to the value of a home when there is an influx of housing inventory? You guessed it… the value of each home goes down.

Less homes on the market forces values to rise! This is an economic fundamental.

Yes, we had a budget for how much we wanted to spend. But, we did not make our decision on which house to buy because one was “cheaper” than the other. We were not going to wait until Spring so we could see all the houses that might be available.

We bought the house we fell in love with, the one that would be perfect for us.

Moral of the story: If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, anytime is the right time!

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