April Showers bring May Flowers

The warm sun shining and the brown grass turn green.  Robin to egg, flower to bee, the wonderful signs of spring.  Now is the perfect time to consider a move.  Spring forecasts indicate, continued low interest rates, great buys and positive flux in home buying.  

For sellers who are considering putting their homes up for sale, more buyers are shopping, which means a great return on your investment.  The 2015 housing market,  churning quick from list,  to pending,  to sale.  All in all, every inch of the Real Estate market is going in a positive direction.  

This past month,  the Federal Reserve extinguished a report, that they are thinking about future increases in mortgage interest rates, to take place possibly in June or September.  Over the weekend, economists reported that the talk is now a delay to the latter month September.

Don't delay, let's get connected and get you moving. 

Written by published author:  Denise Nelson Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt 

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