Back to School

It's that time of year again.  The kids are going back to school and the Real Estate Industry is working harder than ever to keep up with the demands of buyers trying to find homes.  The problem here lies with the lack of inventory of existing homes on the market to sell.  If you are one of those buyers looking but not coming up with anything that meets your needs, perhaps it's time to think about building.  

Building and new construction sites are on the rise.  Interest rates on construction loans, continue to see all time lows and the new build market is seeing these rise in demands. Just in my own neighborhood alone, I have seen mass construction going on over twelve months considerably.  No need to keep your dreams on hold any longer.  

I can coordinate and accomplish a meeting to connect you with financing, a piece of vacant land, a builder and the home of your dreams.  Let's get you started so that you can get in on all the thrill and excitement of owning.  Fall into your own brand new home today. 

Denise Nelson


Denise Nelson is a full time Realtor Expert with Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt.  She has over twenty two years in the Real Estate industry and is working hard each day to give her clients personal and professional service.  Visit Denise Nelson at or email to:

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