Christmas Safety Tips

True story, 

I will never forget sitting in my dining room, around this time of the Holiday Season two years ago now  and smelling this horrific odor.  To my surprise, my toaster oven was on fire.  I had to think fast on my feet and get my act together.  Within seconds I contemplated what to do and I came to the maybe not so practical conclusion, to first unplug the device, next I threw it in the sink and third I reached for the faucet.  To this day, I am thankful that the house didn't burn down, but it was a close call.  Holiday safety tips I read this morning from the National Safety Council. 

-watch the placement of holiday candles-keep away from trees or boughs

-keep poisonous plants our of reach from children and pets

-keep trees away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources

-make sure your tree has a stable platform

-choose an artificial tree that is labeled fire resistant

-if using a natural tree, make sure it is well watered

-check holiday lights for fraying bare spots, gaps in the insulation or

excessive kinking in the wire

-turn off all tree lights and decorations when not in use

-when putting up decorations, use a step stool or ladder to 

reach high places

-Designate a sober driver for holiday parties and social events, 

plan ahead

-when preparing a meat, wash hands, utensils, sink and everything

else that touches raw meat

-reheat leftovers at 165 degrees 

Happy Holidays and remember stay safe

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