Feds to raise interest rates

The rumors have been flying all over our industry.  After June 15, 2016, the FEDS are talking about raising interest rates.  What does that mean to you if you are buying?  It will be more expensive to get the home that you want, let alone qualify for it. What does it mean if you are a seller?  The FEDS will ultimately be raising the interest rates, which means that your buyer bouquet may lighten a bit. 


No need to panic, we don't know how much they are going up, but it has been all over the news and the time is now to get moving, secure your buyers if you are selling and get those offers accepted.  If you are buying secure your interest rates.  

HOW CAN I HELP YOU: Do you need help knowing what your home is worth?  If so, contactl me today, I can share with you the FREE information that I pay for and get you moving now.  Time is now to beat the FEDS at their own interest raising game.  Contact me now, let's get you to your next move.  


Denise Nelson is a "published" author and Real Estate expert.  Contact her at denise.nelson@cbgreatlakes.com or feel free to visit her website at


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