Go for it! Holidays are a great time to buy.

Home is where you find you.  Whether your a first time home buyer or experienced in 

purchasing or selling a home, it's important to make a list, check it twice and then 

go for as many items on that list to complete your wants and needs.  


The market has skyrocketed in 2015, and even though the market has shifted slightly, now that 

the holidays have arrived, there are many good deals out there.  In fact, I've seen homes going up

FOR SALE and if priced right, SOLD within a week or less.  Can you believe?  And this is at 

holiday time, when usually the market slows.  


When your purchasing,  don't be afraid to ask for those little extras, to seal the deal.  

 What I have found out as of late, from my clients and fellow Co-Associate REALTOR'S,

home owners are throwing in extra goodies, like Closing Costs, Home Warranties

and even personal items, to seal the deal.  


If you're a seller, there's not as much competition, so the chance that your home will be seen 

more is a reality.  If you're a buyer, there's not as much competition of having to compete

with other offers, which especially this year has been the norm.  The chance that you can

actually get that home you've been dreaming about is a mere reality.  End point:

Shop this holiday season, dig in and Go for it!  And don't forget to call me, I'll treat

the hot cocoa and egg nog.



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