Great Lakes Coast and Artprize

Within a matter of days, Artprize begins.  This year I got an incredible opportunity.  I've always loved to write and to my surprise Cascade Writer's Group knocked on my door and asked me if I might want to be a part of such a fabulous group.  The Imagine This Anthology was open to writers everywhere.  All submitted short stories, essays and poems into a fabulous Anthology book, called Imagine This.   I got to take part in this fabulous project and become a published author for the first time.

On September 20, 2014,  Saturday, our group Cascade Writer's Group will be at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters,  to launch this beautiful work of art.  The best part, I got to work with an incredible group of talented published and non published authors.  My experience, not only to write a poem, but the thrill of reading other peoples works was rewarding and inspiring.    Even better our work will be featured and showcased at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters Artprize Event, throughout the course of Artprize 2014.   Our book is published and the Collection of Essays, Short Stories, Poems and Art, is diverse and beautiful.  

My love for writing never stops.  It's a life long passion, I wanted to share a personal reward and give thanks to the Artprize 2014, Cascade Writers Group and encourage all to go and live your dreams, big or small.   If you have a dream you want to pursue, no matter what it is, go find it, live it and enjoy the reward of your efforts, 

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