Great Lakes Homes FOR SALE

Spring is springing, the birds are singing and the phone is ringing.  Is this your year to move?  Now is a great time to consider a MOVE and here is why?  First interest rates are still low.  Second the inventory is starting to climb, so it is a perfect time to list your home on the market or find a home in this first few days of beautiful spring weather.  When the sun is out and the warmth is upon us, it makes everyone feel so good.  Folks love the idea of moving when they don't have to worry about shoveling snow or going out to look for homes in nasty weather.   If you have dreams, this is the year to realize these.  Please pick up the phone today and call me.  Or feel free to visit my website at

I have 20 plus years experience and I am ready to move you to your new destination.  I am so excited to earn your trust and work for you to gain your loyalty.  

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