Great little surprises in small packages.

Ten days ago, a small little kitten began to frequent our home.  We have an older cat Pee Wee who is like the coolest cat in the world and I'm not sure whether Pee Wee decided to bring this tiny cutie home or what? That being said, there it was on our front porch.  

The nights were chilly and we felt sorry for this adorable kitten, we set up a little kitty camp out of our back steps, because our several attempts to get it inside had failed.  This little kitten was so afraid.  More freezing temperatures came and with that we made a kitty igloo out of the cat carrier, put up tarps to block the wind, set up a box for it's daily food supply, you get the drift right?  In fact, we were trying so hard to make it comfortable. 

However as the days were going by and the snow began to fall, we knew our rescue effort wasn't the best.  I called my husband Bob and informed him of the sneezing and the weezing I could hear from this petite package. Bob told me he would get a live trap and that would be our best option, since our attempts had failed at best.  

That very night, we were finally successful.  We set food inside and finally were able to get this small, sweet kitten inside our home, free it out of the live trap and let it adapt to it's new and permanent environment.   Our big cat loves it, our teenage daughter and the little fur ball have been inseperable, Bob and I are so thrilled to have it as our latest edition in the family.  It's true great little surprises come in small packages.  

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