Northern Lights in Northern Michigan Skies

This year a view of the Northern Lights just might be possible.  In our Great Lakes State of Michigan

the problems with viewing the lights generally have to do with the great deal of cloud cover that we

receive this time of year.  However due to recent activity of solar flares occuring when directly facing the

earth, a sighting of the Northern Lights in fact, may not be that far out of reach.    

The farther north you are located, the better chance to view this phenomena with the naked eye.  

It is a breathtaking show of lights that make for great memories as well as conversation.  

Another exciting tidbit,  the Northern Lights are a spectacular sight of color, certainly not

to be missed or taken for granted because of their rarity. This winter enjoy many activities

and don't forget to put the Northern Lights on your list of fun things to do and view.   

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