Single Females and the Real Estate Boom! Females boosting in support of Home Ownership 2016

A surge in the 2016 Real Estate Market stems from single females on the move to purchase their own homes.  Continued rising costs on rent are driving more females to take the plunge and do it now. According to the NAR,  the continued low interest rates and great buys are the perfect recipe to seize the opportunity of the American dream.  A few pointers:

1.  Know your credit rating.  Every year you can get your credit report for free, make this a 

good starting point so that you know where you sit and what you need to do next. 

2.  Make an appointment with a great Mortgage Lender, this makes all the difference in the world.

Knowledge and finance are going to be your Allies when searching for your home loan.  So do your

homework, make an appointment with your lender.  If you have no idea, where to start, 

contact me today at, I can refer. 

3. Schedule your appointment with me today and I will send you my FREE,

"Women and the American Dream", packet to help you with your Home Buying success. .

4.  Stay focused, set goals and your budget. 

5. Remember once you have closed on your home, you will want to set aside a "home repair

fund, just in case home repairs do come up. 

For more ideas on how to own your own home and what to do next, contact me

OR VISIT my website:  at

Denise Nelson,is a full time Real Estate expert for Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt and 

published author.  

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