Small houses? The new TREND 2015?

Even a few years ago, the trend has always been to accumulate square footage and buy the most square footage and house  you can for the value.  Today however, the trends are beginning to change.  With increasing workloads and busy lifestyles, the newest trend is to buy smaller square footage, less maintenance and fuss.   Does that mean that you have to skip out on quality?  Absolutely not, in fact, just the opposite.  

With higher end in mind, you can create a more efficient layout, design plan and spend your money on  expensive upgrades such as posh appliances and custom kitchen cabinets for example.  

Make your rooms and furniture pop and at the same time, work for your active lifestyle, entertainment, etc.  Plus you can still have the ideal look you want for much less,  not having to break the bank and your back, spending all your money on square footage alone, never being able to really enjoy your domicile.    

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