Strike while the Iron's HOT!

August is seeing a surge in homebuyers shopping and sellers selling.  This is the perfect time if you have been thinking of buying and or selling.  No, it's not too late this year to buy a home or sell one.   In fact, 24/7----365 it's always a great time to think of buying and or selling. 


If you are thinking of buying there are still so many homes to choose from and though yes, it currently really is a seller's market, it doesn't mean that you will get less of a home.  In fact, with the low interest rates now more than ever is that perfect time to purchase a home. 


If you are a seller thinking of selling, don't feel that you have missed the market, in fact, now is that perfect time, people are busy getting focused on the school year at hand and also August is a great time to sell given the fact that it is still a sellers market and the interest rates are low.   


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