Surfing the Great Lakes, "UNSALTED", Grand Haven Michigan,

     January 4th, Grand Haven Michigan.  On this most unusual winter's day, surfers can 

be found riding the waves at  one of the coolest State Parks, Grand Haven,  Michigan.  

Gusty winds, wild chops of whitecaps and a swirling SW to NW wind, sport for the 

perfect ride.   The surfers, bold, athletic, no fear,  pure action.  

     While most of us are busy relaxing in our homes, with the television, computer, or

some other hand held device attached at our hip,listening to the latest weather 

forecast;  these guys in all of their gutsy glory, not only ride these waves,

but just can't seem to get enough. 

     I moved out to the Lakeshore,  about six months ago now.    Folks round here 

had mentioned this wild abandoned of surfer cowboys.   I had also seen a taste

of this from a DVD I checked out from my local library, called "UNSALTED".  


also sport and live, the "UNSALTED"  campaign.    

     Viewing these surfers before my very eyes, gave me an adrenaline rush and

all I was doing was sitting in my heated vehicle, a mere soul watching. 

    Each time one these robust athletes, dares to jump up and catch their wave,

 made me realize, that, it really is all true.  Whatever we set our minds

to,  can be accomplished.  For some,  like me, it will be to master "JUST THAT".

Hey why not?  It's a brand NEW YEAR, new me, new digs, new way of thinking.  My

 declaration, 2015,  take up surfing.  And though the sport of spectator-ship

is fun?  I want to go further!  Do more!  Be that for which I have seen!  

I body surf, love the water, work out six times a week already.  I will begin the

start of my journey.  Lots of gusto, hard work, dedication, training, conditioning.

I think it a good goal, for me, who now stands at fifty two years young.

      In some people's eyes they might think, "WHAT", you can't do that? You're

absolutely nuts!  But in mine, I think, "WHY NOT?"  I mean you might as well 

do the things in which you love, which drive your passion.  My "heart" has 

always been in the water.  Although, I must admit, I have never really

thought about the idea of getting into frigid, icy waters after winter solstice,

 ripping the content of mass waves and sporting a dry suit at my age? Oh well, 

just have to get over those fears..   Having eyes of headlights and spectators

viewing my performance?  Have to slash those fears too. If I'm going to be my

own "Surf Hero" , then the time is now.  And it start's this instant, this very second, 

now today.   I might be a late bloomer, but that fear is gone now too.  Today I am

changed.  From spectator to surfer girl.  Next year, riding my set, among the current, the 

rip tides and the icons that represent the idea, "NO FEAR".     I want to be doing just that.

Armored up in dry suit and surfboard of course.   

    " Mesmerized by the mystery, is that of purest delight."  My quote, my time, 

brand New Year.  

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