The Market is Racing For Houses To Sell

If you have given any thought to Listing your home, now that pivotal moment has arrived. 

The Market has been swiftly swinging upward with more buyers out there, willing to pay

Market Price.  Great chances you will get that FULL PRICE OFFER.  


This Market is the perfect formula for Sellers trying to get the most value for their home, but 

keep in mind, you have to market your home value at what a buyer is willing to pay.  


Overpricing is still a big conquest for some sellers who think that because there are more 

buyers than sellers at the moment,  they can over value their homes.  Big mistake, because

buyers may be out there in abundance, but they are savy these days and only willing to pay 

what your home is worth.  


As Realtors it is our position to advise our sellers to price smart, sell in a fast time frame, 

with the least inconvenience to the seller.  By providing net sheets to our sellers, this is 

a sure way to discuss early on the dangers of overpricing, even in this fast growing market

of buyer prospects, a sellers home could sit and the market could change at any given 

moment in this fast paced world we live in.  


Aside from that, call today,  get a Price Opinion and let's get you listed.  


 By Denise Nelson

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