Time to Sell, Time to buy

The market is swamped. ­Now is the time to get your house that you want. ­Interest rates are still

low. ­Inventory for homes is in demand and buyers are shopping to get moved.­

This is a perfect formula to get to your next destination­this year in 2015.


­The NAR just released a report for­April 2015 and the increase is huge.

If you are pondering the thought of listing, meet with me­today.

I will give you a detailed Market Analysis so that you can make a good decision.­

Plus a NET SHEET so that you can see what you will net at the closing.­


If you are buying, we will get you started to make your dream come true. ­


And if you need to sell and buy, now is the time to get out there and move.­

Nothing happens if you just stand still. ­So call, email or text me.­

Let's get you moving.


Denise Nelson


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