Trick or Treat it's Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to set up a nice display and to treat all the little Ghosts and 

Goblins that come knocking on your door.  Safe Halloween tips this TRICK or TREAT

1.  Leave your light on your front or side door.  This way families and kids know that 

you are participating in the Trick or Treat tradition.  


2.  Sweep up your sidewalks/porch and other areas where you will have lots of foot traffic.

The last thing you want to do is to have a child falling on your premises.  So make sure

you have plenty of lighting for the little "Trick or Treaters"  and the big "Trick or Treaters

too.  Also rake up leaves so that if the little "Trick or Treaters"  are leaving your doorstep

they don't accidently trip over tree branches from the winds or slip on the leaves.  


3.  If you're having your own Halloween Party, make sure your guests park in well

lit areas.  If they are arriving around the time that Halloween walks get started.

Make sure, they slow down and drive with caution and also take caution 

when arriving to your home to park.  


These are just a few little helpful hints.  Everyone enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween. 





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