Valentines Day, 2014 Winter Olympics, Heart Health Month and Homes FOR SALE

Valentines Day, the 2014 Winter Olympics, Heart Health Month and Homes all over the world!  Each and every day through February there is more reason to celebrate than not!  This is a special month to reflect on what is happening within ourselves and the world we live in.   

February 14, Valentines Day, is the perfect time to remember those special to us and dear to our heart strings!  What about those great 2014 Olympic games?  If you want entertainment, nothing better than tuning in daily to see our great Athletes from USA and around the world, compete for Olympic Medals!  So fun and a great way to also check in with your own health!  Heart Health Month is a fantastic time to check in with your own internal health and begin a strategy to become your personal best!  Check out my website at to get some handy tips and strategies for staying healthy!

Last but not least, HOMES FOR SALE!  Are you thinking about that perfect move?  No time better than now! With spring right around the corner, February is a great month to get your home ready!  I work all areas up and down the West Coast of Michigan and everything in between!  Contact me now, to get your personalized marketing plan, all of my local experience and global connections to get you moving.

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