Weather Report Says: It's about time!

Yes it was a rough winter, yes it was a long winter, yes, yes yes!  Having said all of that, we now must find the time to move forward and truly leave Old Man Winter in the remaining snowbanks that are all melting too by the way!  

Latest economic forecasts suggests that we are in for great spring and summer market.  Interest rates still low, mortgage companies offering great incentives and Real Estate is just beginning to boom again.

If you have thought about selling and or buying this year, you are in for a GREAT market!

Tips on Selling your home:  

1.  First work out a plan of when you want to move.  

2.  Make a list of repairs in and around your home that might need attention. 

3.  Work on the repairs in a timely manner, remember they don't need to be necessarily all done at the same time, but if you are considering offering all terms on your home, they may in fact come up at a later point. 

4.  Consideration to a home inspection now, will help save you time later on.  

5.  Consider staging your home, a fresh gallon of paint can do wonder for old, tired walls.

6.  Keep your yard clean and tidy.  

7.  Plant some pretty flowers and make your home look lovely.  

8.  Keep a log of completed projects, this could be a great marketing tool, you can use later on, when showing your home to potential buyer prospects. 

9.  It was recorded that we experienced one of the worst winters ever on record, 

so don't forget to check for cracked windows, roof leaks and any and all exterior maintenance.  

10.  Stay focused, patient and before you know it, that right buyer will be walking into your door to put that offer in.  


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