What does your vacation look like?

Recently I took a great little vacation with my family and I am so thrilled that I was able to go for much less, plus stay in a deluxe condo and enjoy the sun and surf each day at the Plantation Resort in the amazing, Myrtle Beach South Carolina Coast.  Want to know how I did it?  

RCI Resorts!  Seven nights and eight days at the beautiful Plantation Resort in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was awaiting our arrival.  From the moment we stepped out of our car,  we were greeted with smiles and hospitality!  I am so excited I can't even begin to tell you!  We walked into our beachy condo and fell in love!  We went to the whole array of pools each and every day, relaxing in the sun, slathering on the sunscreen and swimming until our heart was content!  

Next we would use our free pass each day for the Myrtle Beach and Huntington Beach State Parks in Myrtle Beach and explore, shell hunt, star gaze and just have a blast!  We would walk up and down the sugar white sandy beaches, play in the warm Ocean and watch the tides go in and out each day!  

The delight of having picnics each day, shopping at the local Piggly Wiggly and putting together a meal, whether grilling up steaks or making up sandwiches, we selected our picnic spot Oceanfront, laugh and smile as we watched the Ocean.  

The shopping was fun, finding trinkets, loving the local flavor and enjoying the smiles of all the people!  We would go to the boardwalk at night and admire the lights, the busy boardwalk and marvel at the tropical palm trees, blowing in the warm evening breezes. Average temperature was 82 degrees each day and night around 67 to 68 degrees.  

I hadn't been anywhere out of state for over ten years and I when I suggested that we grab a voucher to my husband Bob and 14 year old daughter Haley, they were all for it! We relaxed each and every day and just had a great time being a family!  

Family time is so important and being with everyone on this vacation, just made me realize just how much I miss them and love having fun for practically no money at all.  We had scoped the USA and the world for a vacation, but decided on a road trip! We just got back yesterday and I just wanted to share my experience!  Coldwell Banker and RCI resorts made these fun memories for us forever.  I am in deep thanks and glad to be such a great part of this marvelous family of businesses, all separate, but interconnected! 

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