What is making Sellers and Buyers angry

Common courtesy is the key to having a great Real Estate career and getting in tune with your 

sellers and buyers.  


Recently I interviewed several of my sellers and found out that the number 

of complaints very easily can be remedied. Here is one common complaint 

from sellers towards buyers. 


"Buyer as a no show"


If you have set up homes for your buyers, just remember to give notice to the listing agent if for some 

reason you have to cancel that showing.  It is so simple and the listing agent can then relay to 

their sellers ahead of time.  


Many buyers do not realize the time involved in getting a home ready for

showing. It is so frustrating to both agent and sellers alike, when a buyer just simply changes their

mind.  If that happens to you as the buyer's agent, please remind your buyers that you have set up

that showing and that it is common courtesy to even do a walk through if it is last minute. 


However, what if they have found the home on the tour, they have fallen in love with?  Easy remedy, the

agent should contact the listing agent immediately, via text, phone or email and let that 

agent know that the buyers are writing on a home they just saw.  At least that agent can get the info

to the sellers immediately, before the seller has to leave the home and waste their time. 


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