My Day on Bois Blanc Island Part 2


The breeze started to pick up as we drove back from Twin Lakes towards the Lake Huron shore of Bois Blanc Island.  My real estate work now completed, we had some time to explore and sightsee before catching the boat back to Cheboygan. After stopping at Hawks Landing for refreshments, we drove west towards Pointe Aux Pins. We stopped and walked the beach and noticed a sailboat out on the bay,  the high afternoon sun seemed to shine a spotlight down upon them.

                            A Great Day for Sailing










We looped back around and headed East as we noticed that there were some geocaches on the Island that we wanted to explore.  After stopping to admire the beautiful stained glass at the Transfiguration Episcopal Church we drove back along West Huron Dr. through the village area. We learned the hard way that the dust control system for the main gravel road, is a system of sprinklers that stand along the roadside about 4 ft. high. My wave to the next passing vehicle was a bit sheepish, as I could tell by their laughter, they had seen us get “watered” through our open passenger side window. 

We soon passed the Old Orchard Lodge and headed down Fire Tower road, where the geocache was located.  We noticed that this was the way to access the North end of Twin Lakes and that it must be the best place to fish as we passed a few trucks hauling boats off of the two-track side roads that branched off periodically. A bit of searching was involved with finding the geocache, and we claimed our reward, a Superman logo sticker, from the jar. We wondered what to put back, for the next group to find. I scavenged the car and the trunk for goodies, and came up with some golf balls and a highlighter from my computer bag.

Noticing the time, we realized that we should be getting back to the dock and preparing to head back across the Straits of Mackinaw to Cheboygan.  While we waited for the ferry to unload, so we could put the car onboard, we couldn’t help taking notice of the people who were just arriving. They were smiling as they hauled their coolers and backpacks off the boat. They were met by a cavalcade of four wheelers, old pick-up trucks and all varieties of off road vehicles. Laughter and greetings to long-time friends ensued, and we felt a little envious, because as our Island time was coming to an end, their adventures were just beginning.

As the boat spun around and began to cruise south, we stood in the sunshine on the deck looking north, back at one of the best kept secrets in Northern Michigan, Bois Blanc Island.


                        Until Next Time! 


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