What’s under the carpet?

Many older homes in our area were built with hardwoods and more often than not you’ll discover a sub flooring that will sand up and finish quite nicely!  Beware of those 1940’s – 50’s upgrades of linoleum flooring that contain asbestos. While some of it is quite attractive in a retro kind of way, they often times contain asbestos which is extremely harmful to your health. Asbestos a popular insulator was used in wall and ceiling tiles, furnace duct and water pipe insulation and flooring, to name a few. Don’t even touch it. Do not attempt an abatement yourself, hire a professional who knows the proper way to remove and dispose of the harmful product.  House projects from the hunt through the remodel can be fun even though sometimes stressful, I can introduce you to qualified engaged professionals to help along the way.  When shopping for a home or selling one, you can count on me to be there for you, it’s the details that count. Tell me how I can help.

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