I love meaningful quotes and I have a grab bag of them that I refer to often.   One of my  favorite quotes  is “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” by Oscar Wilde.... To me it is so important for a person to be themselves in every aspect of their lives, whether it is with family, friends, customers or clients.   It seems too often most people are more concerned with being “politically correct” before they respond to something.  I agree that we all need to “think” before we speak……I probably lead the way in speaking before my mind catches up with my mouth, but when it does come out, it’s how I truly  feel  or what I believe in not just what the person or group wants to hear.   I honestly believe this is how we all learn, after all if we all agreed with each other that would make for a pretty boring conversation, don’t you think?

Don’t’ get me wrong there is a lot of argument to be made for the way one delivers what is on their mind and again that is something I in particular need to practice,  but be yourself, your customers and clients will thank you for it!

Jamie Kardosh

Coldwell Banker Schmidt, Petoskey



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Jamie Kardosh

Jamie Kardosh

Petoskey Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Schmidt Petoskey
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