PETOSKEY REAL ESTATE FREE AGENT!!??? Are we talking Sports or Real Estate? #realestate



The definition of a free agent is ”a player  who is eligible to sign with any club or franchise i.e. not under contract to any specific team.”  I love sports!  Nothing better than college football on a Saturday afternoon, basketball in the winter  and baseball in the summer and if you follow me on twitter spartan4u  or visit  my web page  you know I am a faithful sports fanatic and   MSU Spartan!    But we in Real Estate are not free agents!

I have said many times that this is a rewarding  and gratifying business but the knowledge we obtain from years of experience, endless seminars or educational classes do not come gratuitously.  Don’t get me wrong, it is very rewarding to educate potential buyers and sellers and help a new agent with any information and experience  that I can share and in so many ways it is not only gratifying  but also fulfilling.  However, like with any profession all of the aforementioned does not come free.   We agents have to work hard to keep up with the evolution and expansion of  technology just  to stay in harmony with our clients.  We must also keep ourselves educated with the ever changing laws and regulations and last but not least master the technique of negotiating and that  comes with experience! 

  I guess the purpose of this is to remind our critics that selling real estate is not quick and expense free money.  To obtain a good, qualified and full time agent like with any profession, whether you are a teacher, lawyer, doctor , plumber, electrician ( any profession) does not come without expense.


Jamie Kardosh,

Coldwell Banker Schmidt Real Estate

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Jamie Kardosh

Jamie Kardosh

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