Ok, so usually in my blog I write a little something about an experience of mine or how I feel about something that will frequently parallel  Real Estate but not this time! So if you are looking to find a few Real Estate tidbits this one is not for you.

This morning I am frantically making batches of cookies for the Petoskey Downtown Christmas open house (by the way if you haven’t been, you must experience it).   Now if you know me, you know I have little patience when doing anything physical, whether I am cleaning the house, exercising, cooking, canning or just plain walking and this morning was no different! 

We just purchased a new gas stove and although I had one many years ago I had forgotten how sometimes they can cook much faster or in this case cook much slower…… ugh!   Needless to say my desperation to finish was getting exhausting, now I go into over drive..

 The flour was masking my cupboards, the sugar was sticking to my feet from the kitchen floor and oh yes, I had forgotten to take the butter out of the refrigerator and it needed to be softened, so in the microwave it went!   By now you have probably guessed what happened next, I forgot about it…….  I opened the microwave and found a  quagmire  of bubbling butter  dripping from the walls of that lovely little invention.  Do you think my fuse was fading ? Ha!  I am now on a roll.  Dishes are clanging, water is running, pans are falling to the floor not to mention the timer is going off and then my husband dares to come in to grab one of the finished products (which by the way are broken).  I looked up in a delusional state only to fixate on his smiling face and in his amusing voice he says “slow down Sparky”.  I couldn’t even say anything, all I could do is laugh, walk away, sit down and start blogging!


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Jamie Kardosh

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